Darrell S. Mockus

"I Solve Problems"

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Utique, Live Nation, entrepreneur. www.linkedin.com/in/mockus/ I am a technology and business strategy executive with over 20 years of experience across a variety of sectors. My primary focus is taking early stage companies or projects from concept to release and providing technical oversight and leadership as an advisory board member to small and mid-sized companies with a technical focus. My speciality is refining and executing innovative technical solutions in new and evolving markets. "Innovative technical solutions" means I love to do things that have never been done before. "New and evolving markets" means I usually have worked without a decent budget, in a shortened amount of time, and built things years before somebody has coined a buzzword for it. At some point in time I've done about every position in a company. I am a proud generalist that is less concerned with a job title and more interested in getting things done. I find that having a broad understanding of all aspects of a business has allowed me to distill exceptionally large projects into prioritized actionable tasks. I'm determined, resilient, optimistic, flexible and the one who remains calm when times are tough. I solve problems. I am currently involved in my own venture, but I am always interested in speaking with people working on disrupting a market so feel free to drop me a line. Specialties: Early Stage, Startups, Executive Management, Technical Leadership, Business Strategy, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Competitive Intelligence, IP Portfolio Development Darrell Mockus is a technology and business strategy executive with over 20+ years operations and business experience. Am a peer recognized competitive intelligence analyst expert with multiple published articles and frequent public speaking appearances on intelligence research and analysis techniques and tactics. Work closely with executive management teams to analyze competitive, business and operational risks and form corrective plans. Have solid background providing technical and business analysis for product lines and services in multiple business sectors and coordinating business operations efforts. Mr. Mockus is an analytical, detail oriented and self-motivated with the ability to lead teams or work independently with minimal supervision. Can multi-task and be flexible to sudden changes in schedules or objectives. Possess strong interpersonal skills with the ability to effectively communicate with people at all levels including executives, partners, investors and other key stakeholders. Darrell has audited, formulated and executed corrective business strategy plans for over three dozen companies totaling over 750 million investment dollars on behalf of Venture Capitalist, I-Bankers, and other key stake holders including Chase Capital Partners, Warburg Pincus, Fremont Ventures, and Hambrecht & Quist. Saved between 150-350 million dollars in wasted resources and lost opportunity costs through process improvement, efficient resource allocation and technical risk management. Possess direct experience in the Internet, telecom, software development, retail, entertainment, real estate, finance, construction, health care, biotech and venture capital industries. Gained extensive experience representing the technical aspects of projects to external groups including the Venture Community and Corporate Management. Have authored published articles and am a frequent public speaker on competitive intelligence and technical and industry risk management topics. Specialties:Competitive Intelligence, Software Process Development, Project Management, e-commerce, Web Applications, Operations, Manufacturing, Retail Applications, Robotics www.linkedin.com/in/mockus/ CTO of CPP Innovation Labs CPP www.cpp.com Vita Navis www.vitanavis.com CTO and Board Member of Girls in Tech girlsintech.org CTO in Residence @ Samsung Accelerator Samsung Electronics EVP of Technology GoBe.Me Darrell Mockus CTO/Co-Founder of U*tique Lead and manage Utique’s technology and set the technical direction for the organization. Have been responsible for overseeing and architecting Utique’s software and hardware development since the Company’s inception and continue to conceive and implement groundbreaking and industry leading technologies. Darrell Mockus Live Nation Director of Engineering Darrell Mockus Managing Partner Predictive Research Group, LLC Management Consulting Industry Provide competitive intelligence and management consulting services to corporations and the investment community. Develop actionable intelligence through primary and secondary research and analysis to assist sales, marketing and engineering groups build competitive strategies. * Define research, benchmarking and competitive intelligence practices and processes * Build corporate-wide business intelligence decision support and dissemination systems * Identify competitive threats and marketing opportunities * Manage and conduct research and analysis and compiled actionable intelligence reports * Create business and technology strategies on behalf of client companies * Create and administered corporate wide competitive intelligence training programs Darrell Mockus President/Founder of e-Vangel, Inc. Technical Due Diligence for Venture Capitalists Darrell Mockus Senior Engineer at Match.com Software Engineer at Bell Northern Research Darrell Mockus Patents Vending Machines with Lighting Interactivity and Item-Based Lighting Systems For Retail Display and Automated Retail Stores United States US8082061 Issued December 20, 2011 Interactive and 3-D Multi-Sensor Touch Selection Interface for an Automated Retail Store, Vending Machine, Digital Sign, or Retail Display United States 12/589,277 Filed October 18, 2008 Customer Retention System and Process in a Vending Unit, Retail Display or Automated Retail Store United States 12/798,803 Filed Virtual Visual Selection Merchandising Interface United States 12/804,418 Filed Modular Vending with Centralized Robotic Gantry United States 12/806,862 Filed MOBILE DEVICE ASSISTED RETAIL SYSTEM AND PROCESS IN A VENDING UNIT, RETAIL DISPLAY OR AUTOMATED RETAIL STORE United States 13/150,930 Filed MOBILE DEVICE ASSISTED RETAIL SYSTEM AND PROCESS IN A VENDING UNIT, RETAIL DISPLAY OR AUTOMATED RETAIL STORE Europe PCT/US11/38969 Issued Dispensing Mechanism for Centralized Robotic Gantry United States 13/228,320 Issued Inventory Storage and Dispensing Mechanism United States 13/271,061 Issued